Virgin fake mojito

Virgin fake mojito. A refreshing mix of lime and mint, this Virgin Mojito Recipe will be your new favorite drink. This non-alcoholic mojito recipe will be a hit with kids and adults alike. Virgin Mojito is a cool and refreshing drink.

Virgin fake mojito The hole can be made with scissors, but be careful doing so. Cut the half lime into two pieces and add them to. Allow to simmer for a little less than half a mt. You can cook Virgin fake mojito using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Virgin fake mojito

  1. It’s 20 cl of d'eau gazeuse.
  2. It’s of Quelques feuilles de menthe.
  3. It’s 3 of rondelles de citron.
  4. It’s of Du gingembre (j'ai mis un morceau de 3cm/3cm).

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Virgin fake mojito instructions

  1. Mélanger tous les ingrédients dans votre verre..
  2. Arroser avec de l'eau gazeuse très fraîche.
  3. C'est prêt..

One of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the country, Virgin Mojito is a perfect blend of mint and lemon flavours into a refreshing mix which rejuvenates the senses and makes you calm at once. A delicious cocktail recipe for the Virgin Mojito cocktail with Lime Juice, Mint Leaves, Apple Juice and Sugar Syrup. My virgin mojito recipe was an easy choice. Super Simple Virgin Mojito Recipe – A Lovely Non Alcoholic Drink. The weather here is warming up, believe it or not the ground is thawing after a very.