Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients!

Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients!. For a while now, I've been wanting to make a brownie that is so easy that it can be made quickly, with minimal equipment, and with ingredients I always have on hand. Rich in peanut butter flavor, these super chewy blonde brownies are made without any dairy or grains and they're naturally gluten free. These incredibly simple, fudgy and chewy brownies are a great rice-free alternative to our classic gluten free peanut butter brownies.

Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients! Just four healthy ingredients are needed to whip up these rich, fudgy and extremely moist chocolate brownies! The secret to this easy brownie recipe? They're the glue that holds everything together, giving the brownies a sweet, sticky texture that's perfect for holding together no-bake bars. You can cook Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients! using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients!

  1. It’s 2 of bananes bien mures.
  2. You need 3 cuillères à soupe of cacao (sans sucre).
  3. It’s 3 cuillères à soupe of purée 100% noisette.
  4. Prepare 1 of poignée de noix (ou pécan, noisettes… ce que vous préférez!).

Made from simple ingredients, ready in about a minute and just the right size, you can\'t go wrong when you bring these home. They bake up rich and fudgy, and they freeze beautifully. I've been obsessed with trying to make an eggless brownie using avocado as a substitute. Of course, if you prefer more traditional pancake recipes you may like these healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes EASY, healthy pancakes, made with only FOUR ingredients, nuts, ripe bananas and oats, plus a whole egg for a powerhouse of nutrition all in a quick.

Brownie magique à 4 ingrédients! instructions

  1. Ecrasez vos bananes avec une fourchette, ou les mixer, le but est d'avoir une purée sans morceau..
  2. Ajoutez le cacao et la purée de noisette à la purée de banane, mélangez bien..
  3. Ecrasez grossièrement vos cerneaux de noix et les ajouter dans la préparation. Verser ensuite dans un petit moule..
  4. Enfourner ensuite 20 minutes à 210°. Une fois cuit, laisser refroidir puis mettre les brownies au frigo pour qu'ils prennent bien..
  5. Je les ai accompagner d'une compoté de poire toute simple: éplucher 4 poires et les faire cuire avec beaucoup de cannelle, et voila!^^.

Making bread a home always seems like a daunting task. It's a huge investment of time & energy, which usually pays off in the end unless something goes awry during the process. Nutella should be in a food group all by itself. Doubled the recipe for a small party-I thought they looked very elegant with the chopped hazelnuts on top and tasted like I fussed but oh so EASY! Recipe posted in: Flex™ Meals & Snacks, Snacks, Healthy Sides & Snacks.