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This article was first posted at MRM’s website.

Have you ever watched your dad merrily body popping to So Solid Crew on the dance floor, pint of bitter in hand?

I have – and I can tell you it’s about as congruous as the phrases ‘rock’ and ‘social media’ in a headline about ‘financial services’ and ‘compliance’.

Are you in sales?
You probably are, you know.
If you’ve ever recommended any product or brand to anyone, then you’re one of the billions of advocates all over the world doing the real sales work that brings in their profits.

Apple is the poster child for advocacy. There are thousands, maybe millions, of people selling their stuff every day. Honorary salespeople. You’re probably one of them.

Every business has advocates – people who will recommend them without being paid. If you’ve got a business – small, medium or large – you’ll likely have a sales team you’ve never met and you probably wouldn’t recognise if you fell over them.

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