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Safely back home after my first run

It’s amazing how out of shape you can get in a few months.

I’ve just come back from what I would have laughingly dismissed last summer as a bit of warm up.

Okay, the piddling 3.75 miles didn’t kill me – but it definitely feels like I’ve added a few layers of KFC grease around most of the organs that are keeping me alive.

Mrs Taggart joined me on this morning’s yomp round Hove Park and has announced she is going to build me an exercise programme (by lucky hap, she is a qualified personal trainer). This feels like the beginning of a good strategy: make as little as possible of this thing reliant on self-motivation and there will be few opportunities for my genetic laziness disorder to defeat me.

By the way, I’m doing the Brighton Marina Triathlon in September for the RNIB which is my company MRM’s chosen charity. If you haven’t sponsored me yet, maybe it’s because you don’t realise that only £10 could help change someone’s life for the better. Here’s my Justgiving page, which makes it really easy.

Right, I’m off for a massive Sunday roast.

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