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#ISRU11 - Mobile Internet technology has transformed our world

If you caught the most recent MRM’s Marketing Minute you’ll have seen me – freshly decorated with a sunburnt nose – blethering about the mobile internet on Brighton seafront.

The point I was attempting to make was about how short-sighted I believe it is to view the mobile internet as merely somewhere new to put your website.

You see, some people think all they need to do to ’embrace mobile’ is make their website look pretty on a smaller screen. As long as the content is good, the vehicle doesn’t matter, they say – erroneously.

It’s difficult to articulate a point like this very well in 60 seconds so I promised I’d expand on my argument – and I’m faithfully keeping that promise now.

All over the world, corporate bean counters are wielding their scythes and salami-slicers as they settle down to plan next year’s budgets.

“Whooops, there goes the fleet of company cars – how careless of me! Oh dear, now I’ve fumbled the training programme, the PR agency and the company secretary. Butter fingers!”

At the same time, hapless marketers are begging their cantankerous CEOs for resources for social media programmes.

In the board rooms high above Wall Street and the City of London, something resembling the famous scene from Oliver Twist must be playing out many times a day.

“More? You want MORE?!?”

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