Michael Taggart

Welcome to my blog. Stay a while, look around. Don't touch the wallpaper.

Michael Taggart is a director (and head of digital) at MRM, a London-based media and marketing agency.

He can help your organisation with:

  • Social Media Marketing – I can plan and execute a programme from start to finish, taking a ‘no fluff’ approach. This means¬†starting with defining clear business objectives, developing intelligent strategies, adding creative tactics and – most important – evaluating success using appropriate metrics.
  • Community management – I can train and guide key figures in your organisation in content development, brand monitoring, meaningful engagement leading to brand loyalty and advocacy and crisis management when (not if) your brand comes under attack.
  • Media strategy – I am a former regional and national newspaper reporter and have six years’ experience in media relations, working proactively and defensively with major national television, radio and print journalists.

Contact me if you need strategic planning, training or execution in any of the above.

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